Mastervolt Battery Chargers

The Mastervolt range of battery chargers represent the highest quality and highest specification chargers on the market. We are pleased to sell the complete range from 10A to 100A, so whatever capacity or voltage your battery bank is, we have a charger for you.

You may also be interested in the Mastervolt Mass Combi range - these are inverters and chargers in a single unit that also manages all AC connections automatically.

5 models available



Mastervolt 12V 10A IVO battery charger

10A 12V

15A 12V dual

25A 12V triple

35A 12V triple

50A 12V triple

This 10A 12V charger is the smallest in the range, but still packs in some impressive features
4 models available



Mastervolt 12V 35A Chargemaster battery charger

35A 12V triple

50A 12V triple

70A 12V triple

100A 12V triple

Compact and high-spec, the Chargemaster 12V 35A battery charger can charge three seperate battery banks and works will all AC supplies.
3 models available



Mastervolt 12V 30A Mass battery charger

30A 12V twin

60A 12V twin

80A 12V twin

The Mastervolt Mass range is the Rolls Royce of battery chargers - designed to cope with the toughest conditions and provide the best possible service and reliability.
6 models available



Mastervolt remote charging monitor


Control digital

Control analog

Multi remote

RJ12 cable

4x2 cable

A simple charge feedback panel for use with the entire range of IVO and Mass battery chargers.


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With payments from the feed-in tariff, installing solar panels on a roof makes sense financially as well as economically. Our local installation team would be delighted to quote for an installation. Please see our dedicated website for solar panels in Cambridge:

We work with other solar panel installers outside of Cambridge too. If you would like competitive quotes for a solar PV installation outside of East Anglia, please visit

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Mastervolt chargers
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