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solar panels
Framed panelsFramed polycrystalline silicon solar panels. Great for a wide variety of uses.
Semi-flexible panels3 ranges of low-profile, marine-grade panels designed with the yachtsman in mind. Great range of sizes from 5W to 70W.
Flexible panelsIdeal on boats, or expeditions!
Peel 'n' stick panelsFlexible thin-film solar panels with an adhesive backing.
Solar panel kitsA range of framed, laminate and semi-flexible solar panel kits complete with solar regulator, cables and connectors.
Morningstar RegulatorsThe world leaders in PWM solar regulators.
MPPT RegulatorsGet more power from your panels.
wind turbines
AIR TurbinesBeautiful, precision made wind turbines for the discerning customer. Marine and land versions available.
Rutland TurbinesSmall, economical wind turbines, ideal for battery charging on yachts.
Forgen TurbinesReliable vertical axis turbines - great for remote power solutions.
Fluorescent lightsEfficient fluorescent lighting from Labcraft for boats and caravans.
LED lightsStylish efficient lighting with new LED technology.
Leisure invertersA range of 12V-240V inverters providing great value for money.
Sine wave invertersSophisticated sine wave inverters for improved versatility and reliability.
Elecsol leisureElecsol batteries last around 3 times as long as conventional leisure batteries!
Gel batteriesHigh-spec zero-maintenance gel batteries at great prices
odds & ends
Meters & MonitorsKeep an eye on your battery bank's state of charge with these meters and battery monitors.
Cable & ConnectorsAll the connectors you need, and high-grade cable to finish off your system
Solar Panel MountsVersatile mounting solutions to secure solar panels to poles and roofs
Custom SystemsRemote power systems to fit your needs and budget