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SPF 5000 ES 10kWh kit

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Looking for a simple and quick to install Off Grid solar system?  Then we have a great bundled package for you.

This kit comes with a single Growatts SPF 5000 ES WiFi Off Grid solar inverter.  This unit if good for 5kW output. 2 x Growatt 5kWh AXE Lithium batteries (10kWh total).  The battery Accessorises pack

This kit can be combined with up-to 6kWp of Solar PV, providing the Solar input voltage in the range of 150-450VOC and up to 20A.

If you would like to monitor the system online and dont have a WiFi router then you will need and  additional GPRS dongle and suitable simcard.

To complete the system you will need some suitible solar panels, a solar DC Isolator, AC isolator, A pairs of MC4 solar connectors and some solar PV cable.

Kit Includes:

  • Growatt SPF5000ES WiFi

  • 2 x AXE 5kWh Battery

  • AXE Accessory Pack