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Solar panel kits for motorhomes, campers and caravans

With more and more campers opting to try 'wild-camping'; campsites enforcing 'generator-free' zones, and solar power becoming more affordable - solar charging kits are the easiest and cheapest option to keep your electrical supply running on your motorhome or caravan. From wafer-thin flexible panels, to large rigid-framed solar panels - we have a wide range to choose from, all coupled with a good quality solar regulator (PWM, MPPT or Dual) and all the wiring you need!

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Flexible solar charging kits

Flexible panels give the neatest solution - just glue them down on the roof, and you will forget they are there. Easy to fit, less wind resistance than a framed panel, and incredibly lightweight. Choose one of our most popular kits with motorhome and caravan owners: 

Framed solar charging kits

Framed panels are the best value - you will get more energy generated per pound you spend. However you'll need to add a mounting system to fit the panel to the roof of your motorhome or caravan. Take a look at our most popular kits:

Mounting options for framed panels

Choose from glue-down mounts, or very secure channel mounts that give some flexibility in exactly where the panel is mounted.


You can often bring wires in through a vent - but a neater option is to use a dedicated cable gland. Most solar panels have two cables, so the duo gland is the best option. Always best to keep an eye on battery state of charge when you are away, and the best option is our Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor with bluetooth monitoring from your smartphone.

Bespoke kits for motorhomes or caravans

Can't see that perfect kit for you? Don't worry as we also offer bespoke solar kit solutions. Contact us directly via email or phone with your query. More reading material? Take a look at the Victron Energy Automotive Brochure here.