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MPPT Solar Regulators

Victron Energy SmartSolar - EPSolar TRIRON SeriesVictron 450V RS Series - Dual MPPT - Buck Boost MPPT

By using sophisticated DC-DC convertors, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) regulators typically deliver around 20% more power to your battery than a conventional solar controller. They also allow you to use a solar panel, or array of panels, that have a higher voltage output than your battery bank - you no longer have to match the panel voltage to the battery voltage.

To help understand these Victron MPPT controller names, here is a breakdown example:

                           Victron           SmartSolar            MPPT                  100          /           30            -      TR

(Manufacturer)   (Product Series)   (Controller type)   (Max PV voltage)   (Max Batt Current)   (Terminals)

See our information page on MPPT regulators for more information on how they work, and why you can expect to get so much more power with an MPPT controller than you would from a conventional regulator.

Please note that the high-frequency electronics in MPPT regulators can sometimes emit a slight 'squeaking' noise - this is completely normal but you might want to mount the unit out of earshot!