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Cables and Connectors

We sell a range of high quality connectors, glands and cables suitable for completing your system.

From exterior-grade UV-resistant solar cable to internal wiring and battery cables, we have all the wiring you need for your system in a variety of gauges.

The professional Multi-Contact connectors listed here ensure fully watertight connections, ideal for all outdoor cabling - most solar panels these days come with the 'MC4' type of connector. If you are unsure about which cable you need for your application, have a good read of our article on the subject - 'Selecting the correct cables, connectors and fuses'.

Why not make life really easy though, and take advantage of our cable builder service? Just order all the cables and connectors you need below, then drop us a line to let us know how you would like them assembled. All cables will be assembled with the proper crimping tools and sealed with heatshrink insulation for a professional finish.

For each cable, remember to include details of cable gauge, length, colour, connector type and gender at each end. As always, don't hesitate to contact us for help and advice on choosing the correct products.