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Sine Wave Inverters

Victron Phoenix - Victron Phoenix VE.Direct - Victron SMART Phoenix - Pure Sine Wave - 12V - 24V - 48V - 230V AC

True sine wave inverters produce AC electricity that has the same wave form as that supplied by the national grid. Although more costly than our range of modified sine inverters which have an approximated wave form, they run many electrical appliances far more smoothly and reliably. We only sell reliable, good quality brands.

You might like to read our introduction to inverters before buying to understand a bit more about the difference between sine wave and modified sine wave inverters, and what you can power from them.

The Victron range of marine-grade pure sine wave inverters are very reliable and come with a 5 year warranty. Fully featured and designed to work in the toughest conditions, Victron's products have a well deserved reputation for quality.