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Solar panel calculator

Our simple calculator works out how big a solar array you need to power your appliances. 

Simply fill in the Appliance name, how much power it uses in Watts (W), and how many hours it is used for each day. Our calculator will then instantly tell you your usage in Watt Hours (Wh) of energy per day. Use this to make the correct choice of solar panel for summer or winter in the UK.

WX0 Wh per day

In total you use around 0 Watt-hours (Wh) of energy every day

On an average British day, the energy you need should be produced by a solar panel array of approximately 0 Watts. However, you do of course get more power in the middle of summer than in winter. At the height of summer you could produce that power with only 0 Watts of solar panels. In winter you would need 0 Watts of panels to produce enough power.

You don't seem to need much power at all! Even our smallest panels would provide all the power you need.

These calculations assume that there is no shading, the panels are tilted towards the sun, and that a modern MPPT regulator is used. If you are intending to use a basic PWM regulator, you should increase the array size by around 20% to ensure you have enough power.