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Victron Cyrix-Li-ct 12/24V-120A intelligent Li-ion battery combiner

Special VSRs

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Special VSR - parallel connects a lead-acid starter battery with a LiFePO4 battery.

Some battery combiners (also called voltage controlled relay, or split charge relay) will disconnect a battery in case of a short but high amperage load. A battery combiner may also fail to connect a large but discharged battery bank because the DC voltage immediately drops below the disengage value once the batteries are connected. The software of the Cyrix-ct 12/24 does more than simply connect and disconnect based on battery voltage and with a fixed time delay. The Cyrix-Li-ct 12/24 looks at the general trend (voltage increasing or decreasing) and reverses a previous action only if the trend has reversed during a certain period of time. The time delay depends on the voltage deviation from the trend.

Suitable for use with solar panels, wind power, and alternators. There are no moving parts and the fully encapsulated electronics make it suitable for marine use.

  • Bidirectional voltage sensitive relay - will engage if the accessory battery is being charged by other means.
  • Intelligent battery monitoring - the Cyrix looks at the general trend of voltage increasing or decreasing, and reverses this action only if the trend has reversed.
  • Easy to install - no reason to cut into any factory wiring that may void the manufacturer's warranty on boats or vehicles.


      12V: makes at 13.4V and breaks at 13.2V

      24V: makes at 26.8V and breaks at 26.4V

      Dimensions: 46 x 46 x 80 mm

      Weight: 110g

      N.B. Due to their highly variable voltage, this VSR is not suitable for use with 'smart' alternators.