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Victron 100A Buck-Boost DC/DC converter

Victron Buck




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The Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter is a DC-DC Converter for charging a 12V or 24V service battery in vehicles with a smart alternator. The converter will charge the auxiliary battery with a pre-set charge voltage, eliminating high voltages (e.g. Mercedes: 15,4V) and low voltages.

  • Specific for use with Vehicle 'Smart Alternators' - to charge the auxillary battery with a pre-set charge voltage
  • 'Engine Running' Detection System - to avoid deep-discharge of vehicle starter battery
  • Fully Programmable - simple, user friendly PC application (USB to USB needed)
  • Charge Current and Input Current Limiter - output current determined by max. charge current and max. input current settings, and max. operating temperature
  • Input and Output LED Status Indicators - simple coloured LEDs to show usage


  • Input voltage range: 7-35V
  • Under voltage threshold: 10V
  • Output voltage range: 2-30V
  • Max. charge current for 25A model: 25A (12V); 15A (24V)
  • Max. charge current for 50A model: 50A (12V); 25A (24V)
  • Power consumption (power save mode): 7mA
  • Dimensions: See Datasheet 

ORI303025000 - 25A Buck-Boost DC/DC converter

ORI303050000 - 50A Buck-Boost DC/DC converter

ORI303100000 - 100A Buck-Boost DC/DC converter