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6V 220Ah Crown Battery

6V Crown


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Crown Renewable Power Batteries are some of the best and heaviest available.

Because "heavy" means energy dense plates that use more active lead materials. heavier plates that use more active lead materials are directly related to stronger battery performance and longevity. So other things being equal, batteries with more active lead material will last longest. Crown leads the industry in terms of lead content per ampere-hour of rated capacity.

What makes Crown Batteries Unique?
    Thick, energy dense plates combined with heavy-duty cast-on strap and inner-cell connections constructed in a fully-automated process.
    Crown Products Utalize more active lead material per ampere-hour of rated capacity than comparative Renewable Energy products
    Manufactured to exact standards to deliver the longest running times and battery life-with proven low maintenance performance.

Our flooded batteries are sent out on a pallet of up to 8 units; if you'd like to order only one or two please give us a call and we can arrange more economical delivery.

Dimensions and Weight

    260 x 179 x 251mm