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Rolls S-550 6V 428Ah battery

6V Rolls


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The sturdy Rolls S-550 is a high quality unit sourced from Canada. Across their 4000 range, Rolls include a number of innovative features which allow units to outperform lower quality batteries in a whole variety of ways. A key recommending point is the reliability built in throughout the models. As such, you can expect the S-550 to keep on performing to a high level beyond the lifespan of its rivals, all the while demanding a good deal less maintenance than less well designed equivalents

Features of the Rolls 4000 range

  • Combination of thick plate design with the highest density active material Envelope seperators
  • Increased electrolyte reserve
  • Rigid construction
  • Long life expectancy
  • Sediment chamber removed allowing higher plates to be used in the same sized cell, thus yielding greater capacity
  • Unsurpassed cycling service
  • Less maintenance
  • 7 year warranty

Specifications for the S-550

  • Voltage: 6V
  • Capacity: 428Ah
  • Dimensions: 318 x 181 x 425 mm
  • Weight: 56 kg

For a full technical specification, as well as the Rolls user's manual, take a look at the "Tell Me More" area to the right