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120 - 125Wp BIPVco Peel-and-Stick Flexible Solar Panel - 5 year warranty



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Want the same flexible solar charger kit as the Foxes Afloat boys? Click here.

These flexible and lightweight modules are designed for narrowboats, RVs, motorhomes and yachts.

With an unusually high energy yield due to excellent shadow tolerance and temperature stability, these panels give a good option for low narrowboat decks or hot motorhome roofs. 

These panels can also be used on metal 'standing-seam' roofs to provide power to buildings, either in off-grid environments, or grid-connected ones using a suitable inverter. The incredibly low profile and discreet colour means that you will hardly even notice the panels are there, yet they will churn out power for years with no maintenance at all - a superb bit of kit!


  • Record efficiency levels - with CIGS fully flexible solar cells (>16% cell efficiency)
  • Lightweight - low installed weight at less than 2.9kg/m3
  • Full back-side adhesive tape - no requirement to bolt, ballast or drill holes
  • More Bypass Diodes - placing these between every two cells reduces PV system shading losses
  • Superior Wind resistance - low lying and sticks flush to roofs and decks

We recommend using the Victron SmartSolar MPPT Controller to gain around 15-20% more power in a 12V system.

The top entry junction box is fully encapsulated (IP67).

Peak power 
120W (-0/+5%)
2.5 kg
2697 x 358 x 2.7 mm
Max System Voltage
1000V DC
Cell Type
Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide (CIGS)
Product warranty
5 years
Warranty on output
80% 10 years

N.B. These panels are built to a very high standard and faults are very rare. However, we recommend testing these panels with a multimeter prior to installation as they can be very difficult to remove if faulty.

TRADE: Bulk purchase (10+ quantity) prices available upon request.