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DBS Leoch 1000Ah Tubular Gel 2V OPzV Battery - for 12V, 24V or 48V


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2V OPzV 1000Ah Tubular Gel long-life batteries are the result of recent battery electro-chemistry developments and have a design life of 20 years. These are some of the best tubular plate long life batteries on the market. To make a powerful and long-lasting 12V battery bank, this package comes in packs of 6 batteries.


  • Low self-discharge: will not go flat during long periods without charge
  • Low internal resistance: accepts very high charge and discharge rates - perfect for large solar panel installations.
  • Excellent design life: in ambient temperatures (20°C), these batteries will last for up to 20 years.


  • Nominal rated voltage: 2V
  • Nominal capacity (C10): 1000Ah
  • Float design life at 20°C: 20 years
  • Cycle design life: 1500 cycles @ 80% Dod, 2500 @ 50%, 4500 @ 30%
  • Dimensions: 233 x 210 x 646 mm
  • Weight: 78.5KG