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HZY-EV12-110 - Haze 119Ah Gel 12V Battery

12V Haze


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Haze gel batteries are totally maintenance-free, can cope with deep discharge without losing capacity and will tolerate poor charging patterns far better than conventional lead-acid batteries.

Started by two English brothers over 30 years ago, Haze batteries have offices worldwide based on a sold reputation for good quality batteries. These HZY-EV batteries are high-resistant GEL batteries for deep-cycle use in the leisure and solar industry.

  • Longer life span when maintained and charged correctly
  • Better tolerance to temperature variation
  • Improved charge acceptance due to lower internal resistance

Dimensions: 329 x 173 x 210 mm. Weight 30.9 kg. Terminals inset threaded type with M6 stainless bolts and washers supplied.

The 110Ah battery is perfect either on its own for medium-sized remote power projects, or linked in parallel to form a larger bank where a bigger power reserve is needed. A single battery is ideal for use with solar panels of around 40 - 100W rating, or with a small wind turbine. For larger solar panel arrays, simply add additional batteries in parallel. For 24V systems, pairs of batteries should be linked in series.

Like most gel batteries, they aren't really suitable for engine starting use, and we recommend a sizeable battery bank if you are using them with high-powered inverters

TRADE: Bulk purchase (10+ quantity) prices available upon request.