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HZY-EV12-18 - Haze 18Ah Gel 12V Battery

12V Haze

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Haze gel batteries are totally maintenance-free, can cope with deep discharge without losing capacity, and will tolerate poor charging patterns far better than conventional lead-acid batteries. These HZY-EV batteries are high-resistant GEL batteries for deep-cycle use in the leisure and solar industry.

Our smallest gel battery, this is an ideal size for remote equipment systems, electric fences or expedition use. A single battery would be suitable for use with solar panels of up to 30W rating. For larger solar panel arrays, simply add additional batteries in parallel. For 24V systems, pairs of batteries should be linked in series. Not suitable for engine starting use.


  • Longer lifespan, when maintained and charged correctly
  • Better tolerance to temperature variation
  • Improved charge acceptance due to lower internal resistance

Dimensions: 181 x 76 x 167. Weight: 5.6 kg. Terminals inset threaded type with M6 stainless bolts and washers supplied.

TRADE: Bulk purchase (10+ quantity) prices available upon request.