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HZY-EV12-55 - Haze 59Ah Gel 12V Battery

12V Haze

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Haze gel batteries are totally maintenance-free, can cope with deep discharge without losing capacity, and will tolerate poor charging patterns far better than conventional lead-acid batteries. These HZY-EV batteries are high-resistant GEL batteries for deep-cycle use in the leisure and solar industry.

55Ah batteries are an ideal size for automated equipment systems, outbuildings and smaller boat/vehicle systems. A single battery is suitable for use with solar panels of around 20-60W rating. For 24V systems, pairs of batteries should be linked in series.

Like most gel batteries, they aren't really suitable for engine starting use, or with high powered inverters.


  • Longer lifespan, when maintained and charged correctly
  • Better tolerance to temperature variation
  • Improved charge acceptance due to lower internal resistance

Dimensions: 229 x 138 x 214 mm. Weight: 17.7 kg. Terminals inset threaded type with M6 stainless bolts and washers supplied.

TRADE: Bulk purchase (10+ quantity) prices available upon request.