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Victron EasySolar-II 48/3000/35-32 MPPT 250/70 GX


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All-in-one solar power solution

The EasySolar combines a MPPT solar charge controller, an inverter/charger and AC distribution in one enclosure. The product is easy to install, with a minimum of wiring saving you time and space.

The 48V model contains the superb MPPT 250/70 solar charge controller.

The MPPT charge controller and the MultiPlus Compact inverter/charger share the DC battery cables (included). The batteries can be charged with solar power (BlueSolar MPPT) and/or with AC power (inverter/charger) from the utility grid or a genset.

PowerAssist Unique PowerAssist technology protects the utility or generator supply from being overloaded by adding extra inverter power when needed.

Inverter specs:

  • Input Voltage Range:  38-63 (48V)
  • Continuous Output Power at 25 degrees C: 3000VA/2400W
  • Peak Power: 5500W
  • Maximum Efficiency: 95%
  • Zero-Load Power: 7-11W

Charger specs:

  • AC Input: 187-265VAC 45-65HZ
  • Charger Current: 35A (48V)
Solar MPPT Controller
  • Max PV Open Circuit Voltage: 250VOC
  • Max PV Power: 4000W (48V)
  • Max Output Current: 70A


  • Weight: 26kg
  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 506 x 275 x 237 mm