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Perlight Delta 295W Compact All black mono (Small 54 cell)



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Perlight Delta 54 cell panels combine compact and highly efficient panels with the ultimate in all black appearance.

Measuring just 1504 x 1002mm, they offer great flexiblity for smaller and more complex shaped roofs.


Peak power Wp: 295W
Voltage at peak power Vmp: 30.93V
Max open circuit voltage Voc: 37.18V
Current at peak power Imp: 9.54A
Max short circuit current Isc: 10.08A
Weight: 17kg
Dimensions: 1504 x 1002 x 35mm
Product warranty: 12 years
Warranty on output: 25 years


(This new model is ever so slightly bigger than the discontinued 270W model at 1482 x 992mm)