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AXE 5kWh Battery

AXE Battery

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This fantastic 5kWh Cobalt free LiFePO4 battery from Growatt is one of the quickest and simplest we have seen to install and set up.

Its modular design means expanding the battery system is really simple.  Up to ten 5kWh battery packs can be stacked on top of each other giving you a massive 50kWh in total storage.  An Ideal partner for the Growatt SPF 5000 ES


  • 48V - Cobalt free LiFePO4 battery
  • High cycle stability and long lifespan
  • Stacked installation without cable connection
  • Thirty-minute installation
  • 48kg 
  • Nominal Voltage range 51.2V (48-57.6V)
  • 100Ah capacity
  • 75A charge/discharge rate per battery (circa 3.7kW) or 0.75C