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Rutland Wind Turbines

The popular Rutland range of small wind turbines are built by Marlec, a well-established British company that have been developing renewable energy products since the 1970s.

The Rutland 504 is their smallest wind turbine. Sturdy, compact, safe and efficient - it is the most popular choice for trickle-charging batteries on yachts and is equally at home on narrowboats, or set up next to a touring caravan, outhouse or shed. As with any wind turbine, output does depend very heavily on wind speed - these aren't suitable for use in sheltered urban areas.

The next new generation of windchargers has given way to the Rutland 1200 model - the most powerful but quiet windcharger in the Rutland range is the most technologically advanced micro wind turbine in the market.

Rutland turbines are a popular sight in marinas - many thousands are in use worldwide - as boat owners like the clean, aerodynamic lines and the quiet operation. 

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