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2kW Large Complete 48V Off-grid Solar Charging Kit


This 2160W solar charging kit is the complete solution for anyone choosing to get away from mains power, and living the off-grid dream. Perfect for office conversions, sheds, remote households, large beach huts, or large liveaboard boats, this kit is capable of powering electrical appliances all year round (such as LED lights; phones/tablets/laptops charging; electrical fridge; printers; desktop computer; kettle).

This complete kit contains:

    8 x 270W polycrystalline Solar Panel - exceptional low-light performance using anti-reflective nanotechnology

    35A 150V Victron SmartSolar MPPT solar controller

    3kVA 48V Victron Energy MultiPlus inverter/charger

    8 x Victron 12V 220Ah AGM deep-cycle batteries

    A controller wiring harness with fuse; and an inverter wiring harness with fuse

    2 x Pair of 7m solar cables with MC4 connectors

    2 x Pair of T-branch MC4 connectors

    2 x Parallel battery cables; 6 x Series battery cables; and 6 x Pair of battery terminal covers

    1 x Roof/Ground mounting for 8 solar panels

This large off-grid household 48V solution combines 2160W solar PV power; a Victron MPPT SmartSolar controller with in-built bluetooth connectivity and for maximum charging efficiency to the 10.5 kWh battery bank; and a consistent 2500W 48V pure sine wave low-frequency inverter/charger for AC power output and generator input from Victron Energy - a globally recognised brand for inverters and marine technology.

If your looking for a suitable mounting solutions please check out our mounting page.

Please note that this is a guide and we are more than happy to help you with your own bespoke solar power solution, with different solar panels, batteries or any additional items you wish. Feel free to contact us directly by phone or email.