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EXISTING PV - PWM Controller with Cables Package for PV Panels up to 60W





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  • Monocrystalline/Polycrystalline PV Panels: 5W-60W
  • Battery Voltage: 12V DC
  • Solar Panel Voltage Open Circuit: 30V DC

This PWM solar controller and cables package is suitable for 5W-60W polycrystalline or monocrystalline solar PV panels to safely charge a single 12V battery.

This Extras Pack contains:

    5A EPEver PWM Solar Charge Controller - with USB ports - LS0512EU

    1.5m 2.5mm2 5A Fused Harness

    Pair of 3m solar cables with MC4 connectors (choose different lengths of 5m, 7m or 10m)

This BRAND NEW LS0512EU model is a simple PWM controller that includes a 5V USB terminal output for charging mobile phones, fans and other small electronic items. This compact regulator packs some great features not normally available on such a little device.


  • High efficiency PWM charging - increasing battery lifetime and improve solar performance
  • Use MOSFET as electronic switch, without any mechanical switch
  • Intuitive LED indicators showing battery voltage status
  • USB Output port: 5VDC/1.2A
  • Temperature compensation
  • Electronic protection: over charging & discharging, overload, and short circuit
  • Battery reverse polarity protection
  • Industrial grade design
  • MAX solar input at 60W (12V)

To connect this kit to your 12V system you will need suitable cables. We provide two x 3m cables with MC4 connectors on to enable you to connect the panel to the regulator. We also provide a suitable 1.5m 5A harness to connect the regulator to your battery bank.

If your looking for a suitable mounting solutions please check out our mounting page.

If you need a solar panel, our recommended panels with this PWM-5A-PACK:

1 x 50W Midsummer Polycrystalline Solar Panel