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50W Midsummer Mono Solar Charging Kits

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Our smallest kit in the Midsummer solar charging kit range, this 50W Midsummer monocrystalline solar charging kit is suitable for small off-grid installations. In motorhomes, caravans and liveaboard boats, it should be capable of keeping a 12V battery charged with minimal usage (LED lights and a small 12V TV).

This kit contains:

    50W Black Monocrystalline Midsummer Energy Solar Panel with German solar cells.

    5A EPSolar LandStar PWM solar charge controller (or choose Dual regulator for a standard 10A 12V EPsolar Duo PWM regulator - charging two batteries)

    1.5m 2.5mm 10A Fused Harness

    Pair of 3m solar cables with MC4 connectors

The 50W monocrystalline solar panel has a sturdy 35mm svelte black frame to protect some of the highest quality glass available. Good glass permits better light transmission and thus higher energy yields. The monocrystalline solar cells are produced in Germany and are manufactured to stringent standards. The backing sheet that coats the back of the solar panel is durable and weather tight ensuring many years of performance. A resilient junction box coupled with double insulated solar cables ensures effective energy transference. The cables are fitted with the industry standard MC4 compatible connectors.

To effectively charge your 12V battery bank you will need a solar regulator. We provide only high quality regulators from industry leaders. This kit comes with the standard 5A EPSolar LandStar PWM solar charge regulator. This controls the solar panel voltage and protects your entire system.

To connect this kit to your 12V system you will need suitable cables. We provide two x 3m cables with MC4 connectors on to enable you to connect the panel to the regulator. We also provide a suitable 1.5m 10A harness to connect the regulator to your battery bank.

If your looking for a suitable mounting solutions please check out our mounting page.

Solar Panel Specifications:
    Rated power: 50W
    Voltage VOC: 21.6V
    Current at Pmax (Imp) : 2.86A
    Dimensions: 690 x 505 x 25 mm

If the cables are not long enough let us know and we will make something up to suit your needs.