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Tiled / Slate Roof Mounting Kit (2 Solar Panels)

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Sturdy aluminium mounting kit from Grace Solar (Grasol) to suit any roof type. We've done hundreds of our own installations in the UK and have settled on the Grasol kit as our favoured line, it's lightweight, flexible and suitable for virtually any roof due to it's wide variety of roof hooks and panel clamps. It's also easy to install and modular, meaning you can add to your array in future.

Firstly, a few tiles are removed where the hooks need to be placed, these are then screwed directly to the beams / trusses / rafters under the tiles and the tiles replaced. A nut and bolt specific to Grasol is then used to fix the lengths of rail to the hooks and finally the panel clamps are used to secure the panels on the rail. Slightly different methods apply for sheet metal, corrugated and standing seam roofs.

You will need to let us know in a message after purchase:

  • Solar panel dimensions (inc. thickness and colour)
  • Roof type (e.g tiles, corrugated metal, slate, wood)
  • Orientation of solar panels (portrait or landscape)
  • The kit contains:

    • Appropriate lengths of rail
    • 4 x Panel end clamps (available in 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm)
    • 2 x Panel mid clamps (as above)
    • 4 x Plastic rail end clamps
    • 6 x Roof hooks including fixings
    • Instructions (available as PDF)

    We can supply many other configurations of mounting system, so please ask for a quote if you need something unusual.