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Victron Pylon ESS Guide

 If you are wanting to use Pylontech batteries for an ESS system then this is the guide for you.

Follow these steps to get everything up and running smoothly.

Firstly, make sure that all firmware is updated to the most recent version on all Victron products.

Once this is done, you will need a Windows computer, the VE.Configure software, and an MK3 to USB cable in order to program the inverter charger.

Plug the cable into the laptop and inverter charger.

On the screen, under the “port selection” tab, select “com port” and then “auto detect”.

This should find the inverter charger.

General Tab

Under the “General” tab, ensure that your system frequency is correct and that both tickboxes for “Overruled by remote” are checked.

Grid Tab

Under the “Grid” tab, choose the country/grid code standard. For the UK, choose the “UK” code.

Inverter Tab

Under the “Inverter” tab, set the parameters for your batteries, for Pylons these are:

DC input low shut-down: 45V

DC input low restart: 47V

DC input low pre-alarm: 47V

Charger Tab

Under the “Charger” tab, check the tickbox for “Lithium batteries”.

Ensure the charge curve is “Fixed”.

Set Absorption voltage to 53V

Set Float voltage to 51V

Set Absorption time to 1 Hr

Virtual Switch Tab

Under the “Virtual switch” tab, select “Do not use VS”


Assistants Tab

Under the Assistants tab, click the “Add assistant” button, select “ESS”, then “Start assistant”.

Under “Battery system” select “LiFePo4 with other type BMS”.

Battery Capacity is usually monitored elsewhere in the system, so this can be left as it is.

Do not change battery type in battery type selection.

Set the Sustain voltage to 48V.

Under Dynamic cut-off, set all values to 46V.

Restart offset can be left at the 1.2V default.

If there are no PV inverters, select “No”.

[If you do have PV inverters on the same system and are unsure how this may affect the system, please contact us for further advice.]


And that's it! That should be everything you need to get your system set up.

If you have any issues please contact us.