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Solar charging kits for yachts

Solar panels are more sleek and stylish than ever before - opening up a viable solution to drained leisure or starter batteries on board a yacht. Ranging from small 50W kits for minimal power usage to 250W kits for heavy usage - all of our solar kits come with a good quality panel, a reliable regulator, and all the wiring you should need.

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Flexible solar charging kits

Flexible panels are the neatest option and can fit directly to your deck surface. Our kits are based on long thin-film Unisolar panels - which look fantastic, and come with an adhesive backing - or conventional crystalline silicon flexible panels with efficient Sunpower cells. (Choose the waterproof controller option specifically for marine environments).

Framed solar charging kits

Kits based on framed solar panels are the best value option - and they can be mounted at an angle to get more sun. The Solvis 200W kit is a very popular choice for yacht owners as they come in all black solar panels, and with a great price. However, you may want to try our silver-framed solar panel kits, if you prefer to stay with neutral colours.

Marine Wind Power kits

Whilst at sea, why not harness the power of the wind? With a compact look, sturdy fittings and noiseless generation, add to your charging capacity by fitting a Leading Edge wind turbine.

Bespoke kits for yachts

Can't see that perfect kit for you? Don't worry as we also offer bespoke solar kit solutions. Contact us directly via email or phone with your query.