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Small Framed Solar Panels - 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W

Perlight Delta 5 year warrantyVictron Energy Solar Panels - monocrystalline - polycrystalline - 12V - DISCOUNT/Clearance Panels

All of the solar panels on offer are built to perform for many years: their power output is guaranteed to be at least 80% of their rated power even after 20 years of service. The British Antarctic Survey purchased our solar panels to help power remote loggers in the harsh environment of Antarctica - further proof of how durable these panels are!


As we import directly from the manufacturer, we can ensure a decent quality panel at an incredible price. All of our Midsummer panels come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty; Victron Energy and Perlight Mono branded solar panels come with a 5 year product warranty; and our Perlight Poly panel boasts an unbeatable 12 year product warranty.

To determine what size panel you require for your installation, use our solar panel calculator. If you're looking for a bit more power have a look at our range of larger panels.