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Modified-Sine-Wave Inverters

Durite - Silverline - modified sine wave - 12V - 24V - 48V - 230V AC

After selling our stock of Modified Sine Wave Inverters, we have decided to discontinue these products and focus on Pure Sine Wave.

The inverters on this page are all 'Modified Sine-Wave' inverters. This type of inverter can run almost all items of 240V electrical equipment, although some items may run more efficiently on the more expensive 'sine-wave' inverters, particularly appliances with motors (such as fridges or power tools) and fluorescent lighting.

We have models that will suit virtually any use. The small, car cigarette lighter inverter will run relatively low-power equipment such as laptop chargers and electric shavers; or upgrade to the more powerful 1 or 2 kW models to run a lot of lighting.

You might like to read our introduction to inverters before buying to understand a bit more about the difference between sine wave and modified sine wave inverters, and what you can power from them.

The Durite range have a great build quality and reliability backed up by the reputation of a top UK manufacturer, while the more basic Silverline range are designed for occasional leisure use and offer extraordinary value for money. All our Silverline inverters come with a free 3-year guarantee - to qualify you should register your product on the Silverline website within a month of purchase.