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Solar charging kits for electric fences

For the remote land-owner or farmer - we have weather-proof solar charging kits to charge your electric fence batteries. Our solar kits range from all-in-one charging solutions to separate component systems.

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Framed panels

Kits based on framed solar panels are the best value option - and they can be mounted at an angle to get more sun. Depending on how long you require power (be it for 2 hours everyday, or 24 hours everyday), you will need to work out the current draw of your electric fence and then pick a suitable sized solar panel that can generate this amount. The larger the panel - the more power can be harvested from the Sun! The most popular panel for electric fences is our all-in-one panel/controller solution below:

Waterproof solar charge controllers

The likelihood that this solar charge controller is going to get a little damp is extremely high! Therefore we have our IP67, fully encapsulated PCB solar controller, that are suitable for outdoor installations:

 12V batteries

All of our solar kits are only suitable for charging batteries, and will not be able to run your electric fence directly. Most electric fences are 12V, so you will only need one of our 12V batteries and connect it directly. If you need a battery, or a replacement battery, we suggest Gel batteries due to their hard resistance to cold weather, ability to stand on their side as they are non-spillable, and maintenance free qualities.