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Solar charging kits for security, and alarm system

An increasing amount of security and alarm systems are required in remote locations, where there is no mains power available. Recent examples include: a shipping container in Felixstowe requiring protection 24/7; CCTV monitoring a remote holiday chalet in Spain; and an alarm system fitted to an electronic gate. In all of these instances, complete solar charging kits were capable of running the alarm or security system.

We can provide all of the different parts of your solar charging kit that you will need to keep you safe and secure:

Framed panels

Kits based on framed solar panels are the best value option - and they can be mounted at an angle to get more sun. Depending on how long you require power (be it for 2 hours everyday, or 24 hours everyday), you will need to work out the current draw of your security device and then pick a suitable sized solar panel that can generate this amount. The larger the panel - the more power can be harvested from the Sun!

12V batteries

All of our solar kits are only suitable for charging batteries. Most security devices can be run directly from a 12V battery, and we suggest Gel batteries due to their hard resistance to cold weather, ability to stand on their side as they are non-spillable, and maintenance free qualities.


Some security alarms, devices and security lights require 230V AC, like the power you get from a wall socket in your home. This can be easily obtained from one of our inverters, but beaware - these devices add their own power draw to your system and will require a much larger solar power system to cope, as a result. We would recommend our most efficient inverter - the Victron Phoenix 180W pure sine wave inverter.List of links...